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Episode 4: Games of the Year

This January we sat down to discuss the history and significance (or lack thereof) of the award “Game of the Year” (GOTY). We then discuss some of the games that were put forward for the title this year, and our own personal favourite games of 2015.

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I want to clarify that we have nothing against the organization Games for Change or their awards. We think the work they do is awesome! In this podcast we are discussing the award/category of “Games for Change” at the 2015 Game Awards. While the category is still called “Games for Change this year on Gamespot’s website, it looks like the name of the category was at some point changed to “Games for Impact” as is reflected on the 2015 Game Awards website. It appears that in 2014 the award was still called Games for Change and maybe the name was changed in 2015 to limit confusion between the category of Games for Change and the stand alone Games for Change awards.

The Game Awards 2015 Produced by Geoff Keighley (who was the executive producer of the Spike Video Game Awards). The website explains their process claiming “nominees for The Game Awards 2015 are selected by a jury of 30 international media”. From what I can gather the jury contains 2 women and 38 men and the advisory board is made up of 8 men and 2 companies. This article on the Huffington Post has discussed the problem. Also yes, Geoff Keighley IS the guy in front of the Doritos and Mountain Dew.

If you’re interested in listening to the Giantbomb deliberations, here’s the link to the first episode!

Our OTGs

Axiom Verge

Witcher 3

Etrian Odyssey

Darkest Dungeon



Life is Strange:

Her Story:

Other games mentioned

King’s Quest

Bellular Hexatosis

No Man’s Sky –

Eczema Angel Orifice –

Bellular Hexitosis –

Deus Ex Mankind Divided