Virtual Bodies in Virtual Worlds

A phenomenology of play in video games


Benjamin Gattet is an interdisciplinary Researcher/Designer/Hacker.  His work revolves around atypical experiences, alternative narrations (wordless, environmental, purely diegetic or systemic), procedural authorship and the phenomenology of play.  He is currently doing a PhD in Game Design and Game Study at… Continue Reading

Working at Play

Alienation, Refusal, and Every Day the Same Dream


David Leblanc is a Masters student in Film Studies at Concordia University. His current research project, a Marxist intervention in contemporary film and video games, applies critical theory in understanding the subversive potentials of labor representations in cinema and the… Continue Reading

Environment as Narratives

Firewatch Analysis


Roxanne Baril-Bédard is an Communications undergraduate student at Concordia University. Her research focuses on symbolic and ideological analysis of media; the technological sublime; Canada’s cultural industry policies; and critical futurism. She is a coordinator of an undergraduate interdisciplinary research-creation collective… Continue Reading