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Friends of FPS

Dominic Arsenault – Art History and Film Studies, University of Montréal

Diane Carr – Culture, Communication and Media, University of London

Mia Consalvo – Communication Studies, Concordia University

Garry Crawford – Sociology and Criminology, University of Salford

Negin Dahya- Information School in the field of Digital Youth, University of Washington

James Gee – Curriculum and Instruction, Arizona State University

Seth Giddings – Digital Culture & Design, University of Southampton

Jennifer Jenson – Education, York University

Graeme Kirkpatrick – Social Sciences, University of Manchester

Tanya Krzywinska – Digital Games, Falmouth University

David J. Leonard – Critical Culture, Gender, & Race Studies, Washington State University

Henry Lowood – Film & Media Collections, Stanford University

Bonnie Nardi – Informatics, University of California, Irvine

Chris Paul – Communication, Seattle University

Bernard Perron – Art and Film Studies, Université de Montréal

Greig de Peuter – Communication Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University

Neil Randall – English Language and Literature, University of Waterloo

Marie-Laure Ryan – Independent Scholar

Adrienne Shaw – Media Studies and Production, Temple University

Nick Taylor – Communication, North Carolina State University

Grant Tavinor – Environment, Society & Design, Lincoln University

Roger Travis – Literatures, Cultures & Languages, University of Connecticut

Gerald Voorhees – Drama and Speech Communications, University of Waterloo

Zach Whalen – English, Linguistics & Communication, University of Mary Washington

Mark J.P. Wolf – Communication, Concordia University Wisconsin

Jose Zagal – Computing and Digital Media, DePaul University

Jesper Juul – The School of Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Visiting Associate Professor at Comparative Media Studies/Writing, MIT

Martin Picard – Center for East Asian Studies, Université de Montréal

Luke Cuddy – Philosophy, Southwestern College in Chula Vista

Karen Schrier – Department of Media Arts, Co-Director Games and Emerging Media program Director, Play Innovation Lab Marist College

 Michael Austin – Media, Journalism and Film, Howard University