“Hey! Look! Listen! – We’re Back!”

Our Winter 2023 Issue Is Here!

Wow! It has been some time since I’ve had the pleasure of writing an editorial. I am VERY excited to be announcing this term’s issue, as well as the internal changes that have come about since we last published! For starters, we’ve had a shift in team members. Patrick Dolan, Alex Chalk, and Andrew Bailey have officially ended their tenure at FPS (on good terms, of course!). We will miss them dearly, and because of this, I’ve written a little tribute to them below:

Patrick, Alex, and Andrew, what can I say other than thank you. Thank you for your years of dedication, for all of the laughs and good times, for all of the support and encouragement, and for all of the work! FPS would not be where it is without each and every one of you. I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with each of you again in the (hopefully near) future, and will truly miss you all! For everyone else, I encourage you to go back through the FPS archives and read some of the pieces they helped put together. So much of FPS is built from their work and it can be magical to see.

Our previous, and beloved managing editor, Patrick Dolan’s parting ways, does bring an exciting new chapter as we welcome Scott DeJong and Jack McLaren as our new co-managing Editors! Further, please welcome Dakota Pinheiro and Aleksander Franiczek as our new Commentaries and Essays section heads!

This issue is very exciting for me, since it marks the first issue with our new team and on our new publishing schedule. In this issue, you will find articles that cover capitalism in games, Media Archaeology, writing in games, and agency, plus our very special podcast episode about Post-apocalyptic games. Follow the authors as they discuss games like Disco Elysium (2019), The Outer Worlds (2019), Fallout: New Vegas (2010), The Last of Us (2013), and many more! We got some great perspectives in this issue so with great pleasure I introduce our latest set of essays, commentaries, book reviews, and podcast. Check them out and feel free to share your thoughts with us on twitter by tagging @FPSWeekly or even consider contributing in the future! Stay gaming and stay researched in this issue of FPS!


“Enchanted Outer Worlds” by Christopher Howell


“Reconceiving Player Agency with Disco Elysium” by Aleksander Franiczek 

“To Grasp GAMEBOOKS, Turn to MEDIA ARCHAEOLOGY” by Luke Arnott

Book Reviews

“Review of Writing for Games: Theory and Practice by Hannah Nicklin” by Scott DeJong

Podcast Episode

First Person Podcast Episode 60: War… Changes? Exploring the Popularity of Post Apocalyptic Settings in Video Games