First Person Podcast Episode 9

This month on the First Person Podcast four editors fan out in our ALL ZELDA ALL THE TIME episode. We play Zelda trivia, we wax nostalgic about our favorite Zelda games, we hard-core rag on our least favorite Zelda games, we talk timelines and aesthetics, and speculate on what’s to come. We discuss almost every Zelda game at least briefly and get into the controversies around Breath of the Wild and gender, Nintendo’s E3 showings, and discuss how the series has evolved. What’s the best Zelda game? Will there ever be a female Link? What do we want out of an open world Zelda? Is Breath of the Wild going to be the best Zelda ever or is it the series death rattle? Have a listen and let us know in the comments what you think!


Article speculating on gender choice rumors before E3
Meme that lists all the things Link has been over the years
Article with the comments from producer Eiji Aonuma about why link can’t be a girl
CBC article about Links Gender post E3

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