Her Story Podcast

In June, Sam Barlow (Aisle, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) released Her Story a game where players search through a database of archival footage from a police interrogation. In his interview with Austin Walker at Giant Bomb, Barlow spent a lot of time talking about how literature and film inspired much of the game’s design – as recovering/sometimes literary and film scholars ourselves, we discuss some of the underpinnings of crime fiction and how they hang together in Her Story while also talking about the game’s relatively unique take on interactivity. We talk at length about the game play, the open ending, and detective games in general. This is a highly unique game that we can’t recommend enough. Have a listen to our thoughts about the game and tell us what you thought about Her Story in the comments! Continue Reading

The Lost Levels

of New Games Journalism

In reality, this mode of criticism brings us closer to, not further from, the majority of people who play games. Thinking through sensations of motion, for instance, helps to explain popular experiences with mechanics like quick-time events, exposing both their promise and their failings. When you are sensitive to the way a game literally feels, you can understand why some quick time events feel rewarding—they adeptly simulate a physical sensation—and why some don’t, like mere button-mashing that bears no resemblance to the action taken by the avatar on screen. Continue Reading