A Union for Videogame Developers?


The videogame industry is often criticised about its working conditions and has been accused of treating its developers poorly. According to the 2014 Developer Satisfaction Survey (DSS) of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), 32% believed that there is a negative perception of the game industry. When asked why, working conditions was the top response. Continue Reading

Virtual Bodies in Virtual Worlds

A phenomenology of play in video games


Benjamin Gattet is an interdisciplinary Researcher/Designer/Hacker.  His work revolves around atypical experiences, alternative narrations (wordless, environmental, purely diegetic or systemic), procedural authorship and the phenomenology of play.  He is currently doing a PhD in Game Design and Game Study at… Continue Reading

Working at Play

Alienation, Refusal, and Every Day the Same Dream


David Leblanc is a Masters student in Film Studies at Concordia University. His current research project, a Marxist intervention in contemporary film and video games, applies critical theory in understanding the subversive potentials of labor representations in cinema and the… Continue Reading

Controlling Fathers and Devoted Daughters

Paternal Authority in BioShock 2 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Sarah Stang is a first-year PhD student in the Communication & Culture joint program at York and Ryerson Universities in Toronto, Ontario. She recently completed her Master’s degree in Cinema and Media Studies at York University. Her work focuses on… Continue Reading