First Person Podcast Episode 7


Instead of examining a specific game on Episode 7 of the First Person Podcast we turn an eye, an upraised eyebrow, and a single tear towards Nintendo and its recent decisions. Four disappointed Nintendo fans look at the many controversies and rumours currently surrounding both Nintendo as a company as well as their current and upcoming games. In this episode, we cover the Fire Emblem localization, Nintendo’s lack of reaction to GamerGate, Nintendo firing Alison Rapp, the launch and staying power of Miitomo, and the rumours about implementing a choice between male and female link in the new Zelda game. Beyond this will also discuss larger issues of localization, how sexuality is depicted in games, and wonder how many different varieties of “hard core” gamers we’ve encountered.


Austin Walker “Why we Write”

Leigh Alexander “Gamers Don’t Have to be your Audience Gamers are Over”

Patrick Klepek “Nintendo Employee Terminated”

Patrick KlepekFrom Japan, With Changes: The Endless Debate Over Video Game ‘Censorship’

Janine Hawkins Skin to Screen

Allegra Frank IGDA calls out Nintendo for how it handled harassed employee’s termination

Ian Bogost How to do things with Videogames

Leigh Alexander And You Thought Grand Theft Auto Was Bad: Should the United States ban a Japanese “rape simulator” game?

Tina Amini BioWare Writer Describes Her Gaming Tastes; Angry Gamers Call Her a “Cancer”

Report Suggests Miitomo Brings in $40k every day

New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Wii U Rumor Says Players Can Choose Between Male Or Female Link

‘That was Link’ in Zelda Wii U trailer and rumours it was a girl ‘kind of grew’ – Aonuma