FPS – Year One

A By-the-Numbers Look At Our First Year

First Person Scholar turns a year old today.

Over the past year we have published:

  • 47 articles
  • 300 pages or 114,00 words
  • 18 essays
  • 14 commentaries
  • 12 book reviews
  • 3 editorials
  • 5 interviews
  • 4 podcasts

We’ve also enjoyed:

  • 29,277 visits
  • 45,475 pageviews

In the next few weeks we will also be announcing an exciting next step in the evolution of FPS and online games studies scholarship. Keep an eye on the site or follow us on Twitter (@FPSWeekly) for the latest. Until then, I’d like to send out a special thanks to  those that have contributed their writing to the site, as well as our new and loyal readers alike. I think we’ve had a very successful year, and it’s thanks to you! As a way of pulling all of our contributions together, here is a word cloud drawn from the 47 articles we’ve published over the past year [click to expand]:

FPS - Year One Word Cloud