First Person Podcast Episode 12

Horror Games with Special Guest Michael Lutz

This month on the First Person Podcast Betsy, Rob and I are joined by our first-ever special guest Michael Lutz to discuss some of the latest trends in horror games including indie horror, glitch horror, interactive fiction and VR. What is the role of jump scares in the modern horror game? What kind of fears does glitch horror prey on? Is P.T. really a failed project and how might Resident Evil 7 be following in its footsteps? We also talk to Michael about his work and how he manages to balance his academic and creative projects.

Michael’s personal website, Correlated Contents.

Support Michael’s Patreon.

Feature image used with permission from Michael Lutz

Games Mentioned:


Due to technical issues (our first bad cable!) and Michael calling in via Skype there are some interruptions and brief blips in the regular scheduled programming. Behold the glitch horror!

— Podcast Editor

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